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Digital Video Transfer Services

Transfer DVD, Mini DVD To Standard MP4 Video Format. Convert Videos From Memory Cards as Well as Cell Phone To MP4 Video Format. Store it on USB. On Premises, High Quality & Same Day Services.

Transfer DVD to VHS

Vivid Photo provides video transfer services
on the same day.
We transfer your DVD or Mini DVD to standard
MP4 video format or to any video format.
We also transfer your videos from SD card,
micro SD card, xD card, compact flash drive,
mobile phone, iPad, videos on the Cloud to
USB or DVD. Your transfered videos will be
stored on USB, DVD or external drive.
Our services are inexpensive, reliable and
same day service.

Transfer From DVD/Mini DVD To USB
$14.99 per DVD + $10 USB
Additional DVD To The Same USB $14.99

Transfer From Other Video Medias to USB
(SD Card, Micro SD, Cell Phone...)
$29.99 for 16G USB
$39.99 for 32G USB

Video Transfer Services FAQs

When you transfer the video from DVD or mini DVD to USB, what video format will be transferred and stored on the USB stick?
The videos that store on the DVD or mini DVD will be transferred to the latest video format MP4 which is the most popular video format and is being widely used now.

What is the video format being stored on a DVD and what is the latest video format?
The DVD video format is MPEG-2 and the latest video format is MP4.

How long does it normally take to transfer DVDs to USB?
Normally you can pick up within 24 hours.

What type of videos can you transfer to DVD or USB?
We can transfer most different types of videos to DVD or USB. For example, we can transfer the video that is stored in your camera, your sd or micro sd card, your cell phone, on the Cloud or any media that stores videos.

Do you transfer old video tapes to DVD or USB?
Yes, we do. Please click here to see the details of old video tapes transfer.

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