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Large Format Photo Print & Price List

High Quality Poster Size Prints
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Size Price
10 x 13 $11.99
11 x 14 $12.99
12 x 16 $14.99
12 x 18 $19.99
14 x 18 $17.99
16 x 20 $21.99
18 x 24 $26.49
20 x 24 $28.99
20 x 28 $29.99
20 x 30 $36.99
24 x 36 $41.99
30 x 40 $47.49

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Vivid Photo provides express large format photo printing service. All poster printing orders can be finished on the same day. We not only can print your posters on the same day, but also frame your poster on the same day. You can either come to our shop to pickup or we will ship it over to you on the same day. There are different types of high quality professional grade papers available for you to choose for your poster prints. We provide professional grade luster, matte, glossy, art and metallic papers at same price. We also provide canvas printing and framing service on the same day. We will work on your photos to enhance the quality before printing for free. Our experienced professional will work with you and will provide recommendations regarding the size and type of paper should be used for your posters. We print photos from wallet to poster sizes.

Print Large Size Photos FAQs

How long do I need to wait to get my large format photos printed?
Normally, we just need around 30 minutes to complete a large photo printing order.

What size of large photos can you print?
We can print any poster size photos that you need.

What types of photo papers do you use?
We use professional photo papers which include gloss, matte, luster, metallic, art and many other types of pro quality papers.

Do you correct or enhance the photos before you print?
Yes, we do. We inspect and enhance every photo before we print them.

Can you print photos from my cell phone or USB drive?
Yes, we can print photos from a customer's cell phone, email, USB, CD/DVD, memory stick.

Can I email you photos to print?
Yes, you can email your photos to and put down your contact info like a phone number in the email.

Can I order my photos online?
Yes, you can order photos online and pick it up at the store in 30 minutes or ship it over to you on the same day.

Can you create a poster size photo print from hard copy photos?
Yes, we will use our pro scanner to scan your photos, then print them.

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