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Passport & Visa Photos For Any Country

Studio Quality Passport & Visa Photos, Inexpensive, Ready in 5 Minutes
* 2 Photos $14.70     * 4 Photos $16.60
* Digital Passport Photo $14.70
Guarantee Compliance or Your Money Back
At Vivid Photo, we provide high quality, standard and instant passport photos, citizenship photos, immigration photos, ID photos and lottery green card photos services. We have been providing the standard and official passport photo service over 25 years in the Brooklyn NY area. You will have your standard passport photo taken by our professional photographer. You will not need to worry about your passport photo being rejected by the passport or visa office.

To ensure the quality, we use professional camera and studio lighting. All passport photos are taken by our professional photographers. They will show your photo on the camera and get your approval before printing out.

You can also order your passport or visa photo online by clicking this link. Following our photograph tips to take your own photos, then order online. We will provide free editing and enhancement to ensure the photos meet the requirements.

To get your US passport application, please Click Here.

We not only provide US passport photo service but all other countries in the world as well. Check requirement for your country

We have taken Russian, Canada, Poland, Israel, China, UK, Mexican and many other countries passport photos for our customers for the past twenty years. We know the exact passport photo requirements of each country. When you come to our photo shop, all you need to tell us is the name of the country you need passport or visa photo for. We will provide the photos that guarantee to meet requirements.

Besides passport photos, we also provide visa photo service for all different countries. We know the visa photo requirements of each country, which will save your time finding out the visa photo requirements and avoid any mistakes that could cause delay in your visa application process.

We can have your passport or visa photos ready in less than 5 minutes. Our express, accurate and high quality passport and visa photo services will save your money and time. Our reputation for passport and visa photo services is due to our 99% acceptance rate over the past twenty years.

For US passport photos, the Post Office is next to our photo store. You can submit your passport application along with your passport photos at the Post Office. It will be a convenient and time-saving experience for your passport application process.

Our professional passport photo price is very competitive: two photos only $14.70, four photos $16.60. Ready within 5 minutes.

Passport Photo FAQs

What country's passport or visa photo do you take?
We take any country's passport or visa photo and we know the requirements.

How much do the US passport photos cost?
Our price is one of the lowest, 2 photos $14.70, 4 photos $16.60.

Please click here to compare our price with other passport photo providers.

Do you charge more money for other countries' passports or visa photos?
No, all countries except Canada are the same price.

How long do I need to wait to get my passport or visa photos?
You will get your passport or visa photos in less than 5 minutes.

Do I need an appointment for my passport or visa photo?
No, you don't need appointment. You can come within our business hours.

Do you use professional camera and lighting to take passport photos?
Yes, our photographers use professional cameras and lighting for our passport photo services.

Do you provide a digital copy of the passport or visa photo?
Yes, we provide digital copy of the passport photo or visa photo.

Do you take baby passport photos?
Yes, we have taken baby's passport photos even when they were a couple weeks old.

Can I order my passport photo online?
Yes, you can order your passport, visa, ID, immigration photos online from this link.

Do you guarantee the passport or visa photo compliance with the requirements?
Yes, we do. If it fails, we provide a full refund.

Can I wear eyeglasses in my passport photo?
No, eyeglasses are not allowed in US passport photos.

Can I smile in my passport photo?
Yes, you can smile in a US passport photo.

What clothing should I wear in my passport photo?
There is no restriction on clothing for a US or visa passport photo.

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