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U.S. Citizenship Photo Service

US citizenship photos

    Starting from September 1, 2004, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services only accetps full-frontal color
    photos. The size of the U.S. Citizenship photo is 2x2 and it must be a color photo. Please check this link to
    see the detail requirments for your U.S. Citizenship photos. Vivid Photo Lab has been providing U.S.
    Citizenship photo
services in past 20 years. We take your photos and follow the requirments from U.S.
    Citizenship and Immigration Services
office to ensure your citizenship photos will not be rejected by the
    immigration office. Our citizenship photo accepting rate is 100% in past 20 years.

    Our citizenship photo price is very competitive, two photos only $10.99, four photos $12.99.

    U.S. Citizenship Photo Requirements

           *  Submit two identical color photographs of the applicant, taken within 30 days.
           *  The photos must have a white to off-white background be printed on thin paper with a glossy
              finish and be unmounted and unretouched.
           *  Passport-style photos must be 2x2. The photos must be in color with full face, frontal
              view. Head height should measure 1 to 1 3/8 from top of hair to bottom of chin, and
              eye height is between 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 form bottom of photo.
           *  Your head must be bare unless you are wearing a headdress as required by a religious
              order of which you are a member.
           *  Using pencil or felt pen, lightly print your name and Alien Receipt Number on the back of
              the photo.

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