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   At Vivid Photo, we provide high quality, standard and instant passport photos, citizenship photos, immigration
   photos, ID photos and lottery green card photos services. We have been providing the standard and official
   passport photo service in the past 20 years in Brooklyn NY and NYC areas. You will have your standard
   passport photo taken by our professional photographer. You will not need to worry about your passport photo
   being rejected by the passport office.

   To get your US passport application, please Click Here.

   We not only provide US passport photo service but other countries as well. Check requirement for your country

   We have taken Russian, Canada, Poland, Israel, China, UK, Mexican and many other countries passport photos
   for our customers for the past twenty years. We know the exact passport photo requirements of each country.
   When you come to our photo shop, all you need to tell us is the name of the country you need passport photos
   for. We will provide the passport photos that meet your country's passport photo requirements.

   Besides passport photos, we also provide visa photo service for all different countries. We know the visa photo
   requirements of each country, which will save your time finding out the visa photo requirements and avoid any
   mistakes that could cause delay in your visa application process.

   We can have your passport or visa photos ready in less than 5 minutes. Our express, accurate and high quality
   passport and visa photo services will save your money and time. Our reputation for passport and visa photo
   services is due to our 99% acceptance rate over the past twenty years.

   For US passport photos, the Post Office is next to our photo store. You can submit your passport application
   along with your passport photos at the Post Office. It will be a convenient and time-saving experience for your
   passport application process.

   Our passport photo price is very competitive: two photos only $8.99, four photos $9.99.

   US Passport Photo Requirements

   * Color photo with size 2 x 2.
   * Frame subject with full face, front view and eyes open.

   * Photo presents full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
   * Center head within the photo.
   * Photo subject against a plain white or off-white background.
   * Position subject and lighting so that there are no distracting shadows on
      the face or background.
   * Subject should have a natural expression  
   * The photos must be no older than 6 months

   For more detail information regarding US passport photo requirements please
   check on US Government Passport Photo web site.
US Passport Photo Sample

   us passport photo sample

   Russian Passport Photo Requirements

   * Five(5) identical color or black and white photos on a sheet are required for
      Russian Passport Photos.
   * The size of the Russian Passport Photo is 35mm x 45mm.
   * Head must occupy 25-30mm 60 - 80% of the passport photo.
   * The background of the photo must be white.
   * Photo must be taken within a month.

Russian Passport Photo Sample

           Russian Passport Photo Sample

   We are the official Canadian passport photo agent in New York area.
   Canadian Passport Photo Requirements

   * Two(2) identical photos with size 50mm x 70mm.
   * The background of the photo must be white or light-coloured.
   * The photo must be no shadows.
   * The length of the face on the photo from chin to crown of head must
      be between 31 mm(1 in.) and 36 mm (17/16 in.).
   * The photos must be a close-up of the head and shoulders so that the face
      covers approximately 25% of the photo.
   * The photos must show a full front view of the face and top of the shoulders
      squared to the camera.
   * Either black and white or colour photos are acceptable.
   * The photos must be originals and not taken from an existing photo.

   For more detail information about Canadian passport photo requirements, please
   check on Canada government web site.

Canadian Passport Photo Sample

        Canadian passport photo sample
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