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                                      One Hour Film Developing, Photo Printing and Digitizing

film developing
         Vivid Photo Lab still provides one hour high quality film processing service with reasonable price. We have been providing
         one hour developing and printing service in past twenty years. We develop and print 35mm, APS, 120 and 220 films in one
         hour.You will have choice to print your photo on Kodak gloss or matte paper. We inspect and correct your photo before
         printing to ensure the highest quality possible. We use the new generation printing machine and latest technology to ensure
         the photo quality. We print from digital photos, negatives, slides and professional negatives like 120 and 220. We also print
         poster size photos and canvas.

         Convert photos to digital is one of our main business. Our high quality photo digitization service will help you to convert your
         film, pictures, old negatives and slides to digital photos.

         Develope and Print 24 Exp 35mm Film Price

         First set  $8.99     Second set  $2.00

Develope and Print 36 Exp 35mm Film Price

First set  $10.99      Second set  $3.00

         Develope and Print 120 Film Price
         First set  $15.99     Second set  $5.00

Develope and Print 220 Film Price

First set  $15.99      Second set  $5.00

         Convert 24 Exp Film to Digital Photos:  $4.99

         Convert 36 Exp Film to Digital Photos:  $5.99

Convert 12 Exp 120 Film to Digital Photos:  $8.99

Convert 12 Exp 220 Film to Digital Photos:  $8.99

         Duplicate 35mm Negtive

           4x6  $0.40 each         5x7  $2.10 each
           8x10 $4.99 each        8x12 $5.6 each
           11x14 $11.99 each    Click here for poster size price

Duplicate 120/220 Negtive

4x5    $0.99 each         5x7     $3.99 each
8x10  $7.99 each        11x14  $14.99 each
Click here for poster size price

Digital photo printing    Large format photo printing    Print photo on canvas

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